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                      About UNO DISCOVERY

                      UNO DISCOVERY is a dynamic discovery service that will unify access to all services and content sources at your library.

                      UNO is the single most convenient way to deliver the latest, most relevant, and reliable materials - fast!

                      Easy to configure, install and seamlessly integrated with LIBERO, UNO goes beyond a federated search tool to offer a complete discovery service - with all the functionally and convenience of LIBERO and a familiar, easy-to-use web-based interface.

                      UNO DISCOVERY is compatible with most browsers, including Internet Explorer 8 and up, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.


                      • Quick-Install Options
                      • Crisp, Web 2.0 Interface
                      • Seamless LIBERO Integration
                      • Customisable Interface
                      • HTTP Protocol Support
                      • Relevancy Ranking & Graphic
                      • Dynamic Results - Expand, Refine, Group, Save Results & Re-Run Searches
                      • Authentication & Single Sign-On Functionality
                      • Web Services API
                      • Powerful De-Dupe Facilities
                      • Integrated Spell-Check & Thesaurus
                      • UNO Centralised Index
                      • In-Built Reports
                      • Simultaneous Search

                      Under Development:

                      • Z39.50 Protocol Support
                      • OpenURL Functionality
                      • Multilingual Functionality
                      • Export Results To BibTex
                      • Full-Text Filter
                      • More databases

                      Fast, Relevant & Quality Results

                      The UNO Index feature maximises the speed and relevance of search results for UNO users. This centralised index feature continually refines the relevance of results as materials from over 80 percent of Australia's public libraries and selected content sources are searched by users, building a cache of results stored on the UNO DISCOVERY Server.

                      UNO DISCOVERY - Beyond Federated Searching

                      UNO not only simultaneously searches your library's selected target content sources (databases, serials, websites...) but provides access to items from over 1,000 public libraries nationwide as selected by the user. User-friendly sort and grouping tools make it easy to identify relevant resources at your library, or libraries in the surrounding area with speed and reliability.

                      So Convenient

                      With seamless integration to LIBERO and its Members Portal Feature, UNO users can immediately configure preferences, save searches, set alerts and RSS feeds to personalise their discovery experience. For example, users can save searches to be re-run and set alerts to receive new results as they're immediately available via email or RSS.

                      The Deployment

                      UNO DISCOVERY is available as a fully hosted service to provide access to the UNO Index feature and maximise the speed and relevance of results. A suite of pre-configured UNO packages provide libraries a rapid installation option.


                      UNO is available as an annual subscription, providing facilities to search all LIBERO Library Catalogues, the UNO Index and all connections to your content subscriptions.


                      Additional connections can be developed for your library at any time as your discovery service evolves.


                      LIBERO consultants are available assist with any customisation - including UNO's look and feel to achieve your desired discovery service.

                      Enjoy the confidence to perform a search once ("UNO!"). All-encompassing, it's the number one discovery service from LIBERO.

                      For more Information, contact LIBERO Sales: [email protected] or phone 07 3356 3631


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